• It’s all about Me

    It’s all about Me will be shown art by Anna Pappas gallery at Art Athina, Athens between 26 to 29 May 2016

    More information at http://www.art-athina.gr



  • Timelapse

    May 24th, 2016 to July 24th, 2016

    Timelapse unlocks a secret language of landscape that spans time as well as space.

    This group exhibition pits old master prints against contemporary photography, to consider the way we look at, think about and compare artworks. By dissolving traditional boundaries around art Timelapse proposes parallels in content irrespective of period and style. Both an art history and an art experiment, perspectives in Timelapse are determined by the unique cultural and geographic circumstances of each artist.… Continued

  • Australian exotica

    April 16th, 2016 to May 29th, 2016

    Australia Exotoca is a photographic exhibition that engages with the theme of the exotic antipodes. Ever since the fifteenth century, when European cartographers began including the contour of Terra Australis Incognita (‘The unknown land of the South’) in their speculative maps of the globe, the continent of Australia has been thought of as an exotic place. This characterisation of Australia as a land down under, where things are out of the ordinary and colourfully unconventional, remains a key feature of our national identity.… Continued

  • Elvis Immortal


    February 4th, 2016 to March 27th, 2016

    Elvis Immortal, will be shown in a solo exhibition at Ararat Regional Art Gallery  between 4 February – 27 March 2016.  Taken on the annivesary of Elvis’s death (16 August 1977) at the Melbourne General Cemetery,  Polixeni Papapetrou  photographed Elvis Presley fans, mourners and impersonators. Her series Elvis Immortal  made between 1985 to 2002, documents a 17 year journey which observes the cult of Elvis in Melbourne and registers the pathos of the dedicated men and women who zealously keep his memory alive.… Continued

  • Smiling when I wake


    January 29th, 2016 to May 1st, 2016

    “Smiling when I wake” charts Australian photographic practice from its inception to today; remixed and reimagined in the newly renovated Horsham Regional Art Gallery. The exhibition charts the social forces that have come to define Australia, the societal changes that have redefined identity and the rush of blood that is youth.

    The exhibition captures the scale of the Australian landscape and the power of its light and lays witness to the changing understanding of first peoples and the seismic shift that feminism has made on Australian society.… Continued

  • Feast

    November 19th, 2015 to February 13th, 2016

    Work from the series Searching for Marilyn, Elvis Immortal and It’s all about me will be shown in the group exhibition Feast at Stills Gallery.