Monash Gallery of Art

Beyond Eden

In the solo exhibition Beyond Eden at Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne images from Lost Psyche (2014), It’s all about Me (2016) and Eden (2016) will be combined to explore the challenging spaces of childhood identity and representation.     Dates 22 October – 10 December  2016

The Orientalist 2014

 Rhodora 2016

Australian exotica

Australia Exotoca is a photographic exhibition that engages with the theme of the exotic antipodes. Ever since the fifteenth century, when European cartographers began including the contour of Terra Australis Incognita (‘The unknown land of the South’) in their speculative maps of the globe, the continent of Australia has been thought of as an exotic place. This characterisation of Australia as a land down under, where things are out of the ordinary and colourfully unconventional, remains a key feature of our national identity.… Continued

Hijacked 2: Australia/Germany

Curated by Mark McPherson and Ute Noll, Hijacked explores the socio-cultural landscapes of Germany and Australia through the diverse perspectives of 32 contemporary photographers. With a focus on the young, the boundary-riding and the fringe-dwelling, Hijacked was layered with imagery that is evocative, confronting, dreamlike and incisive.

Hijacked 2 was both a substantive book and a major exhibition that reinforced and expanded upon each other.… Continued