Imagine, curated by Simon Gregg at the Gippsland Art Gallery, Victoria, reveals a history of the earth as told through the human imagination, from the fires of first creation through to the science and technology of today and beyond, imagine is an exhibition like no other. imagine slowly unfolds through each of the Gallery’s dramatic new spaces, with many surprises and worlds to discover.… Continued

Collective Vision: 130 years

Collective Vision: 130 years

Bendigo Art Gallery, Australia’s largest regional gallery celebrates 130 years in 2017 and to mark the occasion it will present a  new exhibition of historic, contemporary, curious, significant, and much-loved works from the gallery’s renowned collection. The gallery is presenting  130 years of collecting in the context of social, artistic and community change as well as the evolution of the gallery itself.… Continued

Smiling when I wake

“Smiling when I wake” charts Australian photographic practice from its inception to today; remixed and reimagined in the newly renovated Horsham Regional Art Gallery. The exhibition charts the social forces that have come to define Australia, the societal changes that have redefined identity and the rush of blood that is youth.

The exhibition captures the scale of the Australian landscape and the power of its light and lays witness to the changing understanding of first peoples and the seismic shift that feminism has made on Australian society.… Continued

Elvis Immortal

Elvis Immortal, will be shown in a solo exhibition at Ararat Regional Art Gallery  between 4 February – 27 March 2016.  Taken on the annivesary of Elvis’s death (16 August 1977) at the Melbourne General Cemetery,  Polixeni Papapetrou  photographed Elvis Presley fans, mourners and impersonators. Her series Elvis Immortal  made between 1985 to 2002, documents a 17 year journey which observes the cult of Elvis in Melbourne and registers the pathos of the dedicated men and women who zealously keep his memory alive.… Continued

On the Beach

On the Beach considers the place of the beach within Australian life. A public space of recreation and leisure the beach epitomises the liberties of Australia’s democratic society. While in the lead up to Federation many 19th century artists looked to the bush to galvanise a fledging nationalism, by the mid-20th century this had shifted and increasingly the beach became the site of Australian identity.… Continued

Whisper in my Mask, TarraWarra Biennial 2014

Curated by Natalie King and Djon Mundine for the 2014 TarraWarra Biennial, taking a line from the evocative song ‘Art Groupie’ (1981) by Grace Jones, Whisper in My Mask, signals an exploration of masking, secrets and hidden narratives as psychological states: Love Me in a Picture, Kiss Me in a Cast, Touch Me in a Sculpture, Whisper in My Mask.Continued