My heart, still full of her 2018

Polixeni Papapetrou: MY HEART – still full of her

Traveled over her face, and found her there no more…
I thought to myself that a woman unknown
Had adopted by chance that voice and those eyes
And I let the chilly statue pass
Looking at the skies.

In 1833 the younger poet and dandy Alfred de Musset met the novelist George Sand and both fall passionately in love. On seeing Sand, the nom de plume of Amandine-Aurore-Lucile Dudevant, long after their love affair ended, he writes a fervent poem of loss, longing and yearning, remembering their tumultuous relationship and epistolary liaison.… Continued

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My Heart catalogue 2018

Ten poems on ‘My heart—still full of her’ by Robert Nelson

I once was

I’m the duchess, the courtesan, countess and maid;
I’ve frequented the courts and the farmyard and trade;
I’m a milkmaid, a diva, a servant and queen
I’m the beauty of coy and mysterious mien
who addresses the poet who wants to revere her
with swooning hyperbole styled to get near her,
to fashion her softness and ply it with charm
for the slyest intention to own and disarm.… Continued