A Performative Paradox

polixi-installation-e-webIn this exhibition, selected by Professor Anne Marsh, a particular thread has been selected across Papapetrou’s practice—that of the performative—from her early documentary work through to her directorial work with her children from 2002 to the present. Papapetrou’s enduring interest, across all her work, is in how the other is represented and how the other performs in reinforcing our own identity.… Continued “A Performative Paradox”

Hijacked 2: Australia/Germany

Curated by Mark McPherson and Ute Noll, Hijacked explores the socio-cultural landscapes of Germany and Australia through the diverse perspectives of 32 contemporary photographers. With a focus on the young, the boundary-riding and the fringe-dwelling, Hijacked was layered with imagery that is evocative, confronting, dreamlike and incisive.

Hijacked 2 was both a substantive book and a major exhibition that reinforced and expanded upon each other.… Continued “Hijacked 2: Australia/Germany”

Transmission: Legacies of the Television Age

This thematic exhibition considers a range of artists’ responses to, and engagement with, television, sets and screens, visual broadcasting and the transmission of information. It includes Australian and international practitioners, with works dating from the late 1950s, when television was becoming a mass medium, to today. Within the exhibition there is consideration of television as a means of global communication; a mediator of technology; a distributor of pop culture and consumerism; a filter of media and the news; a vehicle for a new ‘reality’; and a transmitter of information.… Continued “Transmission: Legacies of the Television Age”

The Plot Thickens: Narratives in Australian Art

Through the framework of ‘the narrative’, The Plot Thickens: Narratives in Australian Art presents a survey of artworks by key figures in Australian art spanning from the historical to the contemporary. The stories told in these works, whether based on fact or fiction, range from the documentary to the fantastical, the biblical to the mythological, the universal to the personal and beyond.They traverse a wide spectrum of cultural, social and political issues and experiences, and many have played a role in the construction of our national, cultural and postcolonial identity.… Continued “The Plot Thickens: Narratives in Australian Art”

Fair Game

Fair Game, acknowledges the perpetual intermingling of sport and life. The varied and sometimes extreme approaches by artists to the theme reflect the ambivalence felt by many people. Sport inspired by art mirrors a broader cultural impact of physical activity and strategic game playing. As with many phenomena, it is likely in the future that art will remain a cipher through which we bear witness to these events.… Continued “Fair Game”

Telling Tales: The Child in Contemporary Photography

An exhibition of contemporary photography that explores representations of children and childhood by presenting the work of eleven artists working with this subject as a source for personal, social and cultural investigation. The common photographic experience is located in childhood. As children, we are photographed more than at any other time in our lives. The photographers variously recreate memories of childhood, explore childhood through the family album and found images, or create theatrical tableaux which represent more sinister and haunting views of the displaced and dispossessed.… Continued “Telling Tales: The Child in Contemporary Photography”