WALL POWER: Contemporary Australian Photography

WALL POWER: Contemporary Australian Photography brings together 22 leading Australian photographers. At the core of WALL POWER lies the photographic image and the immediacy and power of the medium.

This exhibition presented as part of the Australia – Germany cultural exchange in 2017 and showcases contemporary Australian photography and presents some of the strongest examples of Australian photography to a broad international audience over a two-year tour of Cologne, Berlin, London and Paris.… Continued

European Month of Photography, Berlin

The Ghillies and Eden will be shown at the European Month of Photography, Berlin, 1-30 October 2016. The exhibition Human As Nature looks at the human connection to nature as well as the masculine and feminine parallels that exist in this relationship. In The Ghillies, boys wear camouflage uniforms used for hunting and warfare. Warriors in the untamed landscape are symbols of power, strength and masculinity.… Continued

Australia in Berlin

Between Worlds was exhibited in a group exhibition of Australian Art art at the Australian Embassy Berlin


Between Worlds

Between Worlds exhibited at Galerie Pavlova, Berlin