Lost Psyche

October 29th, 2014 to November 29th, 2014


Lost Psyche brings to life a lost past of emblematic roles that are at the end of their place in the world. The suite of ten photographs portray once important cultural roles that are now viewed as relics of the past.  Bringing together painted scenic backdrops, paper masks, costumes and my children as actors, the work reflects upon the persistence of some historical conditions and the disappearance of others. In the contemporary world we may also entertain the inner poet, the storyteller, the clown, the day dreamer or the dispossessed. They’re all souls with divided emotions, torn between dream and reality, who like us, converge on the collective stage that is the world. Lost Psyche acts as a metaphor for the loss of childhood, a time in which we openly switch between characters, identities and roles, this work evokes the persistence of that imagination, as it lives on in the adult world.