Do you see what I see?

December 20th, 2014 to March 1st, 2015

In this new century where a digital deluge increasingly dominates how people live, the camera, and subsequent photographs, are treated with a duality of narcissism and suspicion. Through smart phones and social media, photographs, particularly the ‘selfie’, can be captured and disseminated globally in seconds. With practically everyone owning a camera, this device operates under the veil of potential for surveillance, documentation, and voyeurism. The prevalence of digital image-manipulation, along with the daily bombardment of glossy advertising across all forms of media, ensures viewers are sceptical about originality, skill and the intended message of an image. Today’s photographers play with just these ideas, as showcased in Do You See What I See? a selection of photographs from Rockhampton Art Gallery’s contemporary collection. Through experimenting with performance and digital technology, but also a documentary style, contemporary photographers explore history and identity, globalisation and conflict.