Melancholia — Polixeni Papapetrou

‘Melancholia’ (2014) represents an exploration of a time in my life when sadness and grief were hanging over me and I was searching for a way to express it. Diagnosed with advanced metastatic cancer in November 2012 and already facing organ-failure, the only treatment that could be offered at the time was palliative pain relief. It was a devastating time as I was preparing to farewell my family and coming to terms with letting go of my identity and work as an artist, my friendships, my home and this world.… Continued

Elvis Immortal — Jennifer Phipps

Playful, innocent, lonely? Is this the way we are meant to remember Elvis?

Yet this is what you sense about the Elvis Presley fans in Elvis Immortal. Here are images of people who responded to Polixeni Papapetrou’ s invitation to photograph them. They have posed themselves for her, Elvis impersonators, Elvis interpreters, Elvis archivists, Elvis followers, mourners at the Elvis memorial, enjoying Graceland in Melbourne.… Continued