2014 Papapetrou Lost Psyche catalogue

POLIXENI PAPAPETROU was born in Melbourne in the 1960s to Greek immigrants. Her childhood experience of feeling as an outsider in a then predominantly Anglo Saxon culture led her to question definitions of identity. Her sympathy for otherness remains a key element of her life and work. As a photomedia artist her images explore the relationship between history, contemporary culture and identity. Since 2002 she has photographed children dressing up, performing and wearing masks as a way of exploring the portrayal of childhood identity. Her work includes Elvis Immortal (1987-2002), Curated Bodies (1996), Searching for Marilyn (2002), Phantomwise (2002), Dreamchild (2003), Wonderland (2004), Haunted Country (2006), Games of Consequence (2008), Between Worlds (2009-2012), The Dreamkeepers (2012), The Ghillies (2013) and Lost Psyche (2014). She has two children and lives in Melbourne.

2014 Papapetrou Lost Psyche