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  • Storm in a Teacup

    Alexandra Manatakis, Neos Kosmos, Weekend edition, 27 June 2015, P. 19

    For some, the most essential form of storytelling is the power of the written word, but for photographer and artist Polixeni Papapetrou, photos can transport the mind into a surreal world of narrative. Through her photographic career spanning more than 20 years, Papapetrou creatively reinforces the importance of the image that carries her style and cultural identity.

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  • Polixeni Papapetrou

    Anne Summers Reports, Sydney, February 2015, No. 11, pp. 15-20,

    In the series Lost Psyche I wanted to talk about history, memory and psyche. The Immigrant, for example, portrays a nineteenth-century immigrant (played by my my daughter), but countless others have followed her, often bringing with them to their new country a world of harrowing memory and fragile hope. Often the immigrant—such as my parents coming from Greece to Melbourne—are torn between the past of their home land and the future of their adopted country. The work is also a metaphor for the journey from childhood to adulthood.

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  • Polixeni Papapetrou, ‘Between Worlds’

    Joshua Castle, Ed, Ormond Papers, ‘Curious?, Ormond College, University of Melbourne, 2013, Vol. XXX, pp. 116-131

    Polixeni Papapetrou is an Ormond alumna and an artist. Her photographs ask questions about identity and self-awareness. She is based in Melbourne.

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  • It’s Manet Mania Weekend at Yale!

    Robin Cembalest, ARTNEWS, USA, 19 September 2013

    On the 150th birthday of Manet’s two most scandalous paintings, a show and a conference track the afterlives of the nudes, the dudes, the maid, and the cat.

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  • Between Worlds

    Unless you Will, Issue 25, March 2013, pp. 56 – 73

    Australian artist Polixeni Papapetrou has gained international recognition for her thoughtful photographs that contemplate the childhood imagination. For over a decade she has been engaged in an intimate photographic collaboration with her children and their friends. As they have grown and transformed so too have the roles they perform and spaces they inhabit intersecting with the boundaries of time, history and contemporary culture.

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  • Polixeni Papapetrou: Révéler les apparences masquées

    Alexis Jama-Bieri, CLGB Open Art Revue, Issue 22, December 2012, Paris, pp. 12-17

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