Screen Refreshing/Labor

Photographing as a verb seamlessly connects the daily life and artistic creation of modern people. Photography in the new millennium is no longer just the “classic moment” imagery narrative of Bresson, nor is it just “gazing objectively” at the social landscapes. Photography exists in the reality of information and internet as a new prosthetic limb-like conditional reflex. It is also a new alienating behaviour of contemporary human beings.… Continued

Lishui Biennial Photography Festival

It’s All About Me curated by James Ramer in the exhibition Where is the Future Made? is showing at the Lishui Museum of Art as part of the Lishui Biennial Photography Festival, China until 15 December 2017.

Pingyao International Photography Festival 2010

Curated by Alasdair Foster, Director of the Australian Center for Photography, Sydney, the works in the exhibition Imagining the everyday, presented at the Pingyao International Photogrpahy festival, do not deal in ‘straight’ documentary. Instead they map out an expressive journey between cultures, as these quintessentially Australian artworks explored ideas drawn from Chinese numerology. Arranged in 10 interconnected rooms, each featuring the work of two artists, the journey lead from yin–yang through metamorphosis, luck and prosperity to longevity and ultimately rebirth.… Continued